Friday Night in Dublin Bay

Most evenings I walk from Clontarf to the end of the Bull Wall. These days I walk for particular reasons. On Friday the 13th of November I was walking on my own and I tuned into Eoin O’Neill’s The West Wind and heard a tune from Dympna O’Sullivan whose anniversary falls on the 20th of November. She was one of earths and indeed heavens delights who left us too early in 2015. And it’s not her music we miss…it is Dympna we miss.  

As I looked at the steam blowing from the incinerator chimney (I used to look to the barber poles at the Pigeon House) I noted that the wind was blowing from the west. I wrote the first two verses when I sat back in my car and completed the other two when I got home. The west coast never leaves us. 

These words are dedicated to Dympna and those who draw us into wonderous moments. @therevhilliard

Friday Night in Dublin Bay

A West Wind blows across the bay  as The West Wind[1] sends tunes  that heave and swirl with night’s dark waves.  Sound-wave and sea-wave arrive as one to this place of ebb and flow.

The heart is carried by wind and tune to places of laughter, story and step.  Carried too to places of rhythm and pitch  where we can taste what it is to be fully alive  in the treasured all too few of our earthly present moments.

Wake to this moment when wind, wave and heart-sounds  rise and fall together in enchanted heaves. Pray that pain past and anxious future do not steal what is truly treasured and of infinite worth in this blustry now.

Let us sit together beneath 
Heavens canopy lulled by rock and shore
Until there is no worry, anxiety or worthlessness
Let us be resilient until new beginnings make us one.

[1] The West Wind is a program of traditional music on Clare FM, 7-9 pm Mon-Fri

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