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Sabbatical is a time to let the land be fallow allowing new growth and energy to enter the soil of life. Happy to have you along on the journey. I’ve been using ‘Whats App’ to post but this page gives and opportunity to allow you the freedom to explore with me.

Bear with me on this one!


Real live Bear Trappers

When in Wyoming I didn’t get the chance to meet a bear apart from stuffed ones that is…thankfully the real live ones were hibernating…however I did get a chance to meet some bear trappers and this is what they had to say on the subject

10th June 2023

A Moose Wandered into the Garden

Correction: Meant to say a favourite of the wolf and bears….


8th January 2023

Climbing Red Hill


7th January 2023

Mountains and Reservoirs and a Spectacular View


And this is how the view looks in summer

Thursday 5th January 2023

One of the most interesting stores I have ever visited.


Wild West Designs, Jackson Wyoming


Thursday the 5th of January 2023.

Here are thoughts on the Epiphany from my broadcast on RTE’s A Word in Edgeways this morning just click the link:

Wednesday the 4th of January 2023

Walking in Snow Shoes out on a trail

Forgive my confusion with Tinteán…I had flashbacks to that hard carpet that was in many a house in the 1960’s.

Wednesday the 4th of January

Here are a couple of Buffalo having a break.

Tuesday the 3rd January 2023

Out for a stroll in Wyoming on a snowy morning.

Tuesday the 3rd of January

National Parks are an aiming concept and have allowed wildlife to continue in the wilderness. This one I’m in is the Teton National Park which is not far from Yellowstone.



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Hi there, If you would like a notification when a new post appears then please subscribe. Alan

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  1. Ciarán Casey said

    The Sioux colours are more likely to be Leitrim – too many cowboys in Kerry!

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